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Ecologies of Learning and Transformative Education


Interactive and theatrical presentations on a wide range of subjects related to transformative education.  



Engagement with diverse themes including: learning, teaching, teacher education, transformative education, social and individual change.

Friends & Associates

Resources for educational themes and work by friends and associates related to transformative education. 


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Dr. Gopal Krishnamurthy serves as Director, MS, Science Teacher Certification, & Core Faculty, Masters & Doctoral Programs, Department of Environmental Studies & Sustainability at Antioch University New England, Co-Director of Education at Roots2Change, Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University Santa Barbara, and Instructor Re-Envisioning Education and the Craft of Teaching and Learning at University of California Santa Barbara Ext.

Gopal Krishnamurthy is named alongside Noam Chomsky, Sylvia Ashton-Warner, Jonathan Kozol, Eleanor Duckworth, and others in elaborating liberationist views of education in Ayers, R., & Ayers, W. (2011). Teaching the Taboo: Courage and imagination in the classroom. New York, NY: Teachers College Press, Columbia University.

Gopal was an invited Keynote Speaker on Disrupting Teacherly Conduct at a conference on Alternative Ways Of Educating Teachers To Educate Children Differently: What do curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy look like when ‘done differently’? at a BERA [British Educational Research Association] Conference, London, and on Re-wilding Learning at Antioch University’s 2019 In Bloom Conference.


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