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Taking Mistakes: a Mathematical Tragicomedy

Krishnamurthy, G. (2019). Taking Mistakes: a mathematical tragicomedy, The New Educator, New York: Routledge. (Peer-reviewed journal). Combining mathematical content and dramatized narrative, this is a study based on a true story of what took place in my mathematics class and is of relevance to educational practitioners with regard to learning opportunities and contexts, teacher noticing and action, the construction and undoing of disability and selfhood, excellence and social justice in teaching, transformative teaching, and individual and cultural change.

Environmental Education in Times of Crisis: Teaching Children To Be Agents of Change in Nature and in Community​

Boxley, S., Krishnamurthy, G. & Ridgway, M. (2016). Learning Care for the Earth with Krishnamurti, in Winograd, K. (Ed) Environmental Education in Times of Crisis: Children as Agents of Change in Nature and in Community, London: Routledge. (Book Chapter). Alongside Bill McKibben and Nel Noddings. This study considers transformative education rooted in place-based experiential education in a primary school setting with regard to broader themes in environmental education.

The Global Scope of a Local Response: School-in-a-box and the RIVER methodology

Krishnamurthy, G. (2013). The Global Scope of a Local Response: School-in-a-box and the RIVER methodology, Knowledge Cultures, (Peer-reviewed Journal of Global Studies in Education), Addleton Academic Publishers, New York. An ethnography of the design and development of an innovative community-based education program (that has spread to over 150,000 schools) making education available to monetarily poor communities in India and other countries. This study discusses literacy, school systems and contexts, culturally relevant curriculum development, design of learning environments, local community involvement, global studies, and transformative education.

Gesturing Towards Teaching: A Teacher’s Narrative​

Krishnamurthy, G. (Forthcoming). Book version of Ph.D. dissertation “Gesturing Towards Teaching: A Teacher’s Narrative” an ethnographic investigation of the conduct and consequences of situated teacher learning and educational transformations during a teacher education program conducted in India, the USA and UK.

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